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About Leaf

How music should be played and how it should sound!

Leaf are a 4 piece hard rock, grungey maelstrom of a band. Big riffs and massive hooks will give you that pain in arse earworm that will be with you for days.

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Our Story

Formed in the early 90's Leaf were a grunge-tastic band of like minded and hard working musicians. Working hard on the local scene they were lauded for their blend of riffs and melody.

Forward wind 20 odd years and the four members have been in numerous bands some successful others not so. There has been television, releases, interviews in magazines and radio for each of the members, but all had a yearning to return to original hard rock played with intensity. This line up is four genuine friends who in mature years have decided that enough is enough, backing tracks and fakery is ruining music. Four instruments, vocals and commitment is what you have from Leaf, underpinned by massive riffs, catchy hooks and songs that scream of the angst of 100 years of pain. Be prepared, Leaf will blow your minds.

Meet The Team

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